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First night in hammock

Our hitch-hiking Malaysian adventure is about to Begin. We start our day with a laundry and Indian food. ‘Banana leaf’ is our favourite. We pay 2 dollars and we can eat as much as we want. This is definitely the best option for a cheap food in Malaysia. I buy a tarp in a local shop. It will be usefull later on, to protect myself from rain, when sleeping in a hammock. We take a ferry. Watch the Island disapear underneath the cloudy sky. Now, we need to get a bus to the place, where hitchhiking would be more possible. Here, we are below the labirinth of sky highways. There is no way to get on the road. We are waiting with Malaysians for an old, rusty (but always air-conditioned) bus. We pay 5 ringgit and get off in the midle of a road leading East. Little unsure, we stand by the side of a dusty road. It eradiates all its afternoon heat. We are prepared to wait for a while. We throw our bags on the sandy patch of grass, next to the hot asfalt street. It will get dark in 3 hours, so we better get started.

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magic island

Sitting in front of long haired Thai guy playing guitar, in his small vegan bar in Srithanu, Koh Phangan. I am wondering how many decisions, how many roads have brought me here. This is a right place. I can experience being right here, right now for the first time in my life. I am sober and aware and I enjoy my days, even though they are not special nor significant. Island, is truly magical. It has its secret that makes you want to stay longer. It is people. People I met here, they helped me feel myself again, shared my opinions and believes. They made me see and understand more, appreciate what I have. This place has power to change and to heal hearts. Or maybe this is just what I chose to believe because after all it is all in your mind…


Help Hazara

Quetta is town in Balochistan province of Pakistan. The Hazara community in Quetta is victim of persecution and violence. At least 13000 Hazara men, women and children have lost their lives and more than 15000 have been injured in Quetta in recent years

Hazara people have lived there for hundreds of years and now they are killed because they are Shia. Freedom of religion in Pakistan is guaranteed by the Constitution of Pakistan for individuals of various religions and religious sects, but the government is doing NOTHING about it.

Hazara are killed everyday!

The situation doesn’t change for years now. Please help and sign this petition:


I also created a short documentary about Hazara Genocide, you might take a look to learn more:


In ths city I feel controlled all the time. Cameras on every street are constanty watching my moves. Cameras in shops, in bars, restaurants, buses, metro, at work.  Maybe people feel safer with so many cameras around them. I don’t. There is no freedom in London.  There is this delusive freedom that money gives you, but there is no real one.

Everything is so organised and so perfectly controlled that sometimes I feel like I cannot breathe. Everything is explained on numerous signs and information written everywhere. Sometimes I think that Londoners stopped to think on their own. They just follow. The streets are full of people following the crowd, following the most popular touristic sights, following the metro arrows.

But what annoys me the most in British people is that they are martinets and they will do their best to help in keeping general order.  For instance you cannot get in a bus with no valid ticket. Driver will make sure that everybody has tickets and pleading, crying, explaining wouldn’t help here, as they are determind to do their job correctly. Not that it affects them if there are people without the ticket inside the bus, but that is their job and they will make sure its done well. The same thing happens in metro and all the offices, banks, agancies you go to. The bureaucracy will drive you crazy, but they will still sit calmly at their desks repeating, they don’t know how long the waiting will take.  It is exactly the same thing you can find in India, but I guess it is not Indian people’s fault as it is a post colonial British influence.

Brits have a bunch of crazy rules and prohibitions that are supposed to make a life easier but sometimes I cannot stop myself from laughing at them.  There is the latest one, which I found in front of the British museum.


The other crazy thing about this city are the things you have to pay for.  The tube tickets prices are radiculously high, let alone the rent. But there is also a number of things that you woldn’t expect to pay for. One of them are hammock chairs in Hyde Park. I was sitting there relaxed one day when suddenly I was asked to pay for it!Another one is playing in public. Artists have to pay to perform their music on the streets of London. Of course, not many of them do, because prices are so high they could never afford it.  Other things are the public events.  Festival of colours, which in most of European cities is for free (you just need to buy a packet of colours for something about 1 pund), in London would cost you minimum 30 pounds. The same thing with other festivals. In Spain, France, Germany or Poland festivals have prices most young people can afford. Here, you need to have a well paid job to afford these things, as prices can start even at 100 pounds. National museums in London are for free which is really good, but if you take a look at all the private museums and other atractions like London eye, aquarium, Madame Tussauds they are all unbelievably expensive. Also things like cinema or open air events are usually very expensive. That creates a typical problem- people with money have no time to enjoy all these things and people with time have no money to do so…