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Old Chinese Mansion

Old Chinese mansion offers a refuge from busy streets of Medan. It is aged and spacious. It has tall painted ceillings, decorated with crystal chandeliers. Antic wooden parts of a mansion- bedroom furniture, paravan in a court yard, second storey floors- are the most spactacular ones. Windows just let the perfect amount of warm afternoon light in, to keep it bright enough, and breezy at the same time. I am almost alone when walking this vast labirinth of chambers. It is relaxing to wander around these aged wooden hallways. Long dining room table is sat with Chinese porcelain. Small crystal glasses in an office seem to be waiting to be filled with refreshing  green tea. And at moments, looking at my reflexion in long mirrors hanging in every room, it becomes so easy to imagine living here.

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Our old yellow minibus stops and everything around sinks into an unbearable quienscency. It is hard to endure, not because of impatience to get through all these kilometres of traffic. It is because of an unbearable heat. In this moment I am not able to concentrate on anything else, except sweat dripping from every part of my body. I would do anything now, to feel a blow of this poluted, dusty air on my skin. The same one, which was so annoying, only a few momentes ago. I am about to faint any minute now. My face is wet and sticky from the city air. Continue reading Medan