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Island Life

It is magical, it is sweet and it tastes like coconuts! This is the island life in Thailand! It lets you forget about the world. You start treating your favourite beach like your own private sanctuary. You stop using the phone, cause you always jump to your friends when you are out and about.  You live close to nature, watch sunsets with its glourious dreamy colours and look at the starry sky every night.

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magic island

Sitting in front of long haired Thai guy playing guitar, in his small vegan bar in Srithanu, Koh Phangan. I am wondering how many decisions, how many roads have brought me here. This is a right place. I can experience being right here, right now for the first time in my life. I am sober and aware and I enjoy my days, even though they are not special nor significant. Island, is truly magical. It has its secret that makes you want to stay longer. It is people. People I met here, they helped me feel myself again, shared my opinions and believes. They made me see and understand more, appreciate what I have. This place has power to change and to heal hearts. Or maybe this is just what I chose to believe because after all it is all in your mind…