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Hitch- hiking in Sumatra

Hitch- hiking in Indonesia is challenging.  Without basic knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia it is almost impossible. Turning down buses, taxis and mini vans. Then explaining the idea of hitch-hiking to Indonesian drivers, and then again trying to teach them how it works for free. Anyway, we did it. Me and my two great Polish travel companions. We hitch- hiked through the jungles, mountains, crazy villiges and busy cities. We searched for a  places to sleep in the middle of the night, relyed on the kindness of strangers, faced the incredibles adventures, crashed weddings, trusted in unknown and in a world to treat us well. Thank you girls to be my travel friends and thanks to all amazing Indonesian people who helped us on our way across Sumatra.

First night in hammock

Our hitch-hiking Malaysian adventure is about to Begin. We start our day with a laundry and Indian food. ‘Banana leaf’ is our favourite. We pay 2 dollars and we can eat as much as we want. This is definitely the best option for a cheap food in Malaysia. I buy a tarp in a local shop. It will be usefull later on, to protect myself from rain, when sleeping in a hammock. We take a ferry. Watch the Island disapear underneath the cloudy sky. Now, we need to get a bus to the place, where hitchhiking would be more possible. Here, we are below the labirinth of sky highways. There is no way to get on the road. We are waiting with Malaysians for an old, rusty (but always air-conditioned) bus. We pay 5 ringgit and get off in the midle of a road leading East. Little unsure, we stand by the side of a dusty road. It eradiates all its afternoon heat. We are prepared to wait for a while. We throw our bags on the sandy patch of grass, next to the hot asfalt street. It will get dark in 3 hours, so we better get started.

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