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Berastagi- we conquer the volcano!

I get to Berastagi, I am surprised- ‘Why does this town look so white? Is there something wrong with my eyes?’  There is nothing wrong with my sight, the whole area is covered with light grey, thick vulcanic dust. Sinabung eruption took place in June this year, but still a great amount of dust is emited. I am going to climb Sibayak- a second volcano in the area. The air is much colder than in Medan. There is a cool wind, carrying the volcanic powder in the air. The place looks almost mistical. The silent mountain watches over the town. Kids are coming back from school. I pass few groups of smiley children, few of them wearing face masks. Everybody stares at my big backpack. I am making my way to the bottom of mountain Sibayak. Continue reading Berastagi- we conquer the volcano!