Poor London

London is strange. People definitely work too much. They are stressed. Under superficial layer of kindness there is so much frustration, just waiting to be triggered.  And it comes out, after proper amount of alcohol, especially on Saturday nights, but usually just a few hours after work in English pubs, at every corner, every night. They all look so unhappy, hiding behind their ‘fashionable’ clothes, fancy drinks and expensive things. I have never seen so many girls afraid to be themselves. Tan, nails, shaping underwear, fake eyelashes, tones of make up, hair perfectly done, stylish, high heels, even the way they talk is not naural. They are constantly worrying how they look, believing that having all this perfect body and new clothes will finally make them happy. People in London do not live their life. They live the life the have learned form TV and from comercials. The have so many foreign restaurants and yet they will never know the real foreign food, because they preffer to change it according to their own British taste. Turkish, Chineese, Japaneese, Greek, Mexican, Spanish even Italian restaurants they never serve their original food as it is, because British people would never buy it. British go to the Turkish restaurant ad order fajitas, they go to Italian cafe and order English Breakfast, they go to Japaneese and they are having chicken sushi. They are trying to be cool and alternative, but if anything destroyes their perfect routine, they are not so cool anymore.

London people have nothing. They have things they can buy. Is that what makes us happy? In this city with no alcohol and drugs it’s difficult to find your joy of life.

One thought on “Poor London”

  1. Pour London? I would say pour Big Cities around the world! At small hostel in Kyoto I’ve met many people from cites like NY, Singapore, Tokio, Hongkong, Kuala Lumpur who escaped from their lives for couple of days. What connected this people? In my impression they were in some kind of trans. Trans contains presure, stress, shallow thinking, working till they fall, drinking after till they have to work again. And they belive, that their lives is under control, telling me that my travel to Japan to practise Kendo for 3 weeks is crazzy, waist of time, meaning less, how can be that possible, etc. In return I’ve tried to explain my point of view about their living in Trans. Yes, I admit, that my travel was little bit crazzy, but this crazzyness is part of me, totally being myself. Opposite to the crazzyness which thier lied in Big Cities- their are not themselve for sure. Likely some of them after changing the concept of life with me admit- Yes my life in my City is crazzy and I’m not myself- and they open thier eyes finally like woke up from the nightmare.
    Good observation Kasia about people in London :).

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