London is like India

Not like India, I should have said LIKE DELHI.

London is like a centre of Delhi. When you walk through the streets in Oxford Street there is so many people, you have to be concentrated at all the times. And it is even worse than India, because in Delhi everybody, including rikshas, cars, caws, motos and even tourists, were part of this big moving mass, however it had a secret order, people were creating this organised flow and you could practise and learn how to move in all this crowd. On the other hand in London, it is impossible.People rarely get out of your way, they are all in a hurry, except the tourists who are incredibly slow, instead of changing their passages in a fluant and natural way, they seem to be stuck on a street, kindly waiting for their turn to pass. In tube there is about the same amount of people as in a Delhi metro. Constantly passing through the gates. All controlled by cameras. It looks unreal, passangers like zombies, don’t seem to notice anything around just follow their way. But there is one difference- in India people were full of life, these ones are dead. They don’t look at each others, because it would be impolite, they do not care what anyone thinks, sleeping, reading, always on their phones.

But what recalls my memories from Delhi the most is Soho in the night time. Streets are overflowing with people, there are lights everywhere, mojority of cars are slow buses and even slower taxis, stopping at every corner. Every minute you can spot a bicycle riksha decorated with colourfull lights. There are sounds and smells all mixed together. When I am coming back from work, late at night, on my bicycl,e through all this crazyness, I feel more like home.

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