In our room there was a big air conditioning machine. Everytime the electricity went off, machine stopped and the room became unbelievably hot. We were lying there on a bed not moving, just waiting for electricity to come back again. Every time swearing,when it went off and happy when it came back.
This was one of many entertainments in Pakistan. The other ones were driving a car in a crazy traffic, hiding the fact that you are unmarried couple in public, trying to be unseen when eating during a day in Ramadan time.

Lahore was a beautiful old city, full of colours and sounds but it was definitely too hot at this time of a year. It had all of the big city amusments, like resturants, cafes, cinema, shops. It was quite modern, so were people living there.
Lahori girls were really beautiful and I liked their style. It was simillar to Delhi, but kurtas were longer and they didn’t exaggerate with tacky jewellery like Indian girls. They paid more attention to fabrics and looked more suphisticated.

Our time in Lahore went fast and thanks to amazing hospitality of Uncle and Auntie I will always have the best memories form that place.

Uncle and Auntie are part of T family, but the funny thing in Pakistan is that you call all people older than you ‘uncle’ and ‘auntie’, even strangers you meet on a street. Anyway Uncle and Auntie from Lahore were so nice, that sometimes I wished they were my real uncle and auntie:)

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