israeli airlines

Today I was waiting for my flight to Kiev , where I would then have to change for 10h flight to Bangkok. When I came to Warsaw Chopin airport I was already after the long night bus travll. I was basicaly hanging around the terminal A, staring at people with my tired eyes and waiting for my gate to open.

I took a sit right across a check in gate of Israeli airlines . I don’t know what’s going on with Israeli airlines but their big security procedure seemed weird to me . First, they asked us, all the people on the benches near by, to step aside for a moment, because their special anti- terrorist dog had to check out space around our sits for dangerous stuff. All right, the dog was cute, so I could stretch my back for a moment and let them do their job. After that they surrounded 10 metres area around their check-in gate with all their security people. I am not a freak, but that just freaked me out. Chopin airport is hardly a big or important European airport. There was just one flight to Tel Aviv and Kiev, the rest was to European capitals and mostly by cheap airlines. People usually form a small queue in order to check in. Not in the case of ISRAELI AIRLINES. People were oficially invited to their ‘boot’, they were having 20 minutes talk about safety and overgoing all the special procedures, which frankly, for this place, were just funny. The small Israeli airline boot had at least 20 people working there at that moment. Few of them circulating the area and looking suspicioly at us- all the non- Jewish passengers. Few border guards came there with their arms, to stand proudly and defend them from all the evil they were expecting. Apparently armed men, dogs, security teachers and security guards were not enough, because at one moment a lady came up to me, saying:

“Exuse me, I am working for Israeli airlines. You were taking pictures of our airlines boot and we want to know why.”

I was startled! Lost for words, I opened my mouth but only to let out a shy ‘what?’ in a very unsure tone.

‘Yes’ she continued with her bullshit ‘you were cought taking pictures

‘That is absolutely not true. There must have been some mistake’ I explained.

‘ Let me take a look at your last pictures taken ‘ she demanded.

I was so shocked I kind of forgot in what folder my mobile saves the last shots, which also was to her very suspicious. Finally I showed her the guilty files, realising I actually could have some private pics in there, I wouldn’t exactly want to share with Israeli airliness. Luckly, the last one was just nother random, rather silly pic. She said nothing and went away. She clearly didn’t believe me! Nothing happen afterwards, except mean long looks from her scurity guard college. However,I felt offended. They assumed I was a dangerous criminal/ terrorist/ Hamas member without even any evidence. That is SCARY and very unfair.

Maybe somebody can explain to me why they are acting like complete freaks?

And also why they are doing that in my country, on the airport, where I honestly do not believe that somebody is planning the attack on few Israeli passengers coming back from trip to Poland….

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