Great Mosque of Medan

My favourite escape place from the heat and noise of Medan, is the Great Mosque of Medan. Built in Moroccan style during the Dutch East Indies era, has its own tranquil feel, characteristic for old temples. Inside, there is a calm pieceful silence. As soon as I step into the round prayer hall, I forget about curious stares and insistent (although always friendly) cries ‘Halo Miss!’. After cooling rinse in a washroom, soft red carpet feels so pleasant below my feet. I fall asleep underneeth the quiet fans and heavy chandeliers. The ornamented ceilling becomes more and more blurry. One of the praying women smiles to me politely and wisperes ‘Assalam Aleikum’. ‘Uaaleikum salam’ – ‘peace may be with you’ I reply and smile back. All the sounds of the street outside fade away. I close my eyes and fall back to my peacefull sleep..

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