Berastagi- we conquer the volcano!

I get to Berastagi, I am surprised- ‘Why does this town look so white? Is there something wrong with my eyes?’  There is nothing wrong with my sight, the whole area is covered with light grey, thick vulcanic dust. Sinabung eruption took place in June this year, but still a great amount of dust is emited. I am going to climb Sibayak- a second volcano in the area. The air is much colder than in Medan. There is a cool wind, carrying the volcanic powder in the air. The place looks almost mistical. The silent mountain watches over the town. Kids are coming back from school. I pass few groups of smiley children, few of them wearing face masks. Everybody stares at my big backpack. I am making my way to the bottom of mountain Sibayak.

I pass the rice fields. Villigers with a kind smile and skin burned by the sun show me the way. I challenge myself and climb the mountain with my big bag and a smaller on the front. I take a break under  a tree; once green, now all its leaves  covered with thick ash. I have the best rambutan in my life, bought down in a village market. It is fresh, perfectly sweet and so juicy, every fruit I open, bursts out with delicious nectar. There are few motorbikes passing by, making their way up the mountain. One of them stops. The driver is a Slovakian guy and wants to give me a lift. He doesn’t mind my bags. I am moved by his kindness and I agree. We are going up the mountain and now seeing the bumby road, I am praying for my life. Drive is really hard. There is two of us on the bike, plus my bags are heavy. It is dangerous. I should have think about it better, before saying ‘yes’ to this adventure. Finally we get to the little parking. I meet others from the ‘wolf pack’. They are Czech and very friendly too. We climb together the last and the most difficult part of the trail. We go through a small succulent plants forest. When we rich its end, the unforgetable view emerges in front of us. Vast  rocky mountains protecting the way to the crater. We pass sharp stones and sulfur geysers. We climb our way up, sliding on a scree and pushing against the wind. When we reach the top, it gets even more windy and cold. There is one yellow tent on the other side of the crater. One Indonesian family is brave enough to camp  among these rocks. The lanscape looks like from a different planet. We are all so happy to be here!

We have to say goodby the same afternoon. Boys have limited time for travelling and I have limited budget. They give me a ride back and I wish them good luck on their journey to Lake Toba. Later I take a walk through the rice fields to look for a place to put up my hammock..

.meeting on the vulcano


Thank you guys for your help:)


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