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Female Circumcision in Indonesia

  • Female Circumcision/ Genital Mutilation-  FC/FGM

Although it may come as a surprise to many of us, Indonesia is among the countries, where female circumcision is still present, in quite prominent number. With its rapidily growing economy, steady democracy and rich culture, Indonesia makes one of the most interesting destinations in Asia. It is the most populous Muslim nation in the world and is often presented as a model of tolerant Islam. Continue reading Female Circumcision in Indonesia

Island Life

It is magical, it is sweet and it tastes like coconuts! This is the island life in Thailand! It lets you forget about the world. You start treating your favourite beach like your own private sanctuary. You stop using the phone, cause you always jump to your friends when you are out and about.  You live close to nature, watch sunsets with its glourious dreamy colours and look at the starry sky every night.

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Taking a peek inside a crater

Through the windy hot desert, across the wide field of sand and up the steep stairs, with the dark dust getting in our eyes, nose and mouth, battling the altitude. This is how we reached the top of Bromo. Even though the sulphur smoke did not let us stay by the crater for more than a few minutes, it was all worth it. Seeing this alien life gurgling and boiling down under the thick sulphur cloud, was something incredible. We could hear the sound of vulcano shaking the ground below us. It is amazing to see the nature in its power.

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Semeru National Park

Here they come- more pics from beautiful breathtaking Semeru National Park. Entering from the side of Malang gives you opportunity to see so much more and spend some time alone with nature. There is almost no visitors in a long valley created around the old crater, leading through the abandoned desert to the foot of Mount Bromo.

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