Money in a poor country and money in a rich country



‘Money in a poor country and money in a rich country are two different things. In a rich country, money is a piece of paper with which you buy goods on the market. You are only a customer. Even a millionaire remains a customer. He may purchase more, but he remains a customer, nothing more. And in a poor country? In a poor country, money is a wonderful, thick hedge, dazzling and always blooming, which separates you from everything else. Through that hedge you do not see creeping poverty, you do not smell the stench of misery, and you do not hear the voices of the human dregs. But at the same time you know that all of that exists, and you feel proud of yourself because of your hedge. You have money; that means you have wings. You are the bird of paradise that everyone admires. […] Money tranfroms your own country into an exotic land. Everything will start to astonish you- the way people live, the things they worry about, and you will say, “No, thats impossible.” Because you will already belong to a different civilization. And you must know this law of culture; two civilizations cannot really know and understand one another well. You will start going deaf and blind. You will be content in your civilization surrounded by the hedge, but signals from the other civilization will be as incomprehensible to you, as if they had been sent by the inhabitants of Venus.’

Ryszard Kapuścińsky, The Emperor

Female Circumcision in Indonesia

* Female Circumcision/ Genital Mutilation-  FC/FGM

Although it may come as a surprise to many of us, Indonesia is among the countries, where female circumcision is still present, in quite prominent number. With its rapidily growing economy, steady democracy and rich culture, Indonesia makes one of the most interesting destinations in Asia. It is the most populous Muslim nation in the world and is often presented as a model of tolerant Islam. During the 32-year Suharto dictatorship, outspoken religious expression was discouraged. When it ended in 1998 people started to manifest their religious affilation and more severe interpretations of Islam were adopted. Unlike 20 years before, more Indonesian Muslim women use a headscarf, prayers are often part of the public events and there are more general rules about what is appopriate for an exemplary Muslim girl. Muslim communities support the continuation of FGM practice, perceiving it as a traditional custom and a religious duty. Frequently presented as a required act of faith by religious leaders, FGM is still common procedure in Indonesia. Health Ministry data from 2013 suggest 51.2 percent of Indonesian girls have undergone some form of FGM’- Jakarta Post writes on September 2015. Unicef report form February 2015 confirms those statistics and United States Agency for International Development states (26 April 2015) that 97,5% female from Muslim families undergoe FGM. Continue reading Female Circumcision in Indonesia

Island Life

It is magical, it is sweet and it tastes like coconuts! This is the island life in Thailand! It lets you forget about the world. You start treating your favourite beach like your own private sanctuary. You stop using the phone, cause you always jump to your friends when you are out and about.  You live close to nature, watch sunsets with its glourious dreamy colours and look at the starry sky every night.

In my case it was also meeting the most amazing people and having the most beautiful adventures.

Taking a peek inside a crater

Through the windy hot desert, across the wide field of sand and up the steep stairs, with the dark dust getting in our eyes, nose and mouth, battling the altitude. This is how we reached the top of Bromo. Even though the sulphur smoke did not let us stay by the crater for more than a few minutes, it was all worth it. Seeing this alien life gurgling and boiling down under the thick sulphur cloud, was something incredible. We could hear the sound of vulcano shaking the ground below us. It is amazing to see the nature in its power.



I can hear the gong now. I often wake up right before it, but then I go back to sleep for twenty more minutes. After that I join the meditation. I have a bad stomach and I am not sure what to eat, to fix it. Everything is fried..

A lot of yogis drink coffee here. I am tempted today and I try some instant super sweet white coffee. It is so good.. but in a few hours I regret my choice. After my body got a little high from all this sugar, its levels gets really low when it is all burns out. I feel dizzy and weak. Never again. This instant stuff is poison.

I cannot concentrate all day. I think about coming home, what I am going to do, where I will go. Today, when I meditate, I am somehow short of breath. I am not able to do sitting, neither walking meditation, longer than half an hour. Maybe because I did not take any naps at all. I try not to do that, in order to sleep at night. Last night was terrible. I could not sleep. I kept thinking there are bugs in the bed. During the day all my body is itchy. I do not know if this is from boredom and fight against the long meditation hours or from actual bugs. I see discusting larva in a bathroom, but I keep thinking ‘only two days, only two days more..’. I feel like I cannot take even one more hour. I am going to try. I do not want to give up on working on myself.

Dhamma talk:

Vipassana meditation is to gain purity of mind. Other types of meditation can be used to gain the peace of mind. This one however, called also Inside Meditation, specifically helps us to find peace and freedom from suffering. It is also used to eliminate: fearlessness of wrongdoing, shamelessness of wrondoing, jealousy, ignorance, doubt, remorse, wrongdoing, greed, hatred, dilusion, aggressiveness.

Samsara- round of good and bad, wheel of fortune. We are part of it, all our lives. We can change it with our actions. We can influance our karma. Continue reading VIPASSANA PART 3


Later in an eveningthere is a Dhamma talk. I do not understant a word from it, again.

Once more I talk with Frankie. He is nice as always. He sits with me on the floor of small pagoda and smiles.

‘eeeyyh.. I did not quite understand the right path of buddist…’

Yeah, the teacher has a difficult Myanmar accent. OK, It is like that..’

And he takes my for a trip to the buddist world. There are ghosts and devils, forty something heavens and more than hundred hells and another lives. He teaches me about karma, how to have a good karma and how to avoid the bad one. Nine perceipts of yogis are very important, he says. In your future life, you are going to use just five of them; no killing, no stealing, no immoral action, no lying and refraining from food and beveradge that weakens one’s awarness. He explaines how unwholesome deeds start in our minds, how it is important to control our minds, our speech and our actions. we should remember though, that mind is always first. Our thougths are very, very powerfull.

The opportunity to hear about all this was truly amazing… Continue reading VIPASSANA PART 2